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I bought this warranty on my Ashley Furnature purchase from Knights Mattress And Furnature about 7years ago now out of Lehi Utah. I made 2 claims from 2 separate purchases. The first claim was after I had owned a trundle bed for my children that had only lasted about six months before the whole entire frame of the bed caved in ( my children where 6 and 7 and each between 60 to 70lbs) it was cheaply made and poorly assembled in my own opinion since it was made to break like that.

so we filed a claim to have somebody come out and repair it or replace it to my satisfaction and that never happened in fact someone came out to take a look at it and take pictures after I had already submitted the photos they still had someone come out just to take photos and that took two months to even get someone out there. Then I finally got a response four months later telling me they have to refund my warrantee that I had purchased for my thousand dollar furniture purchase which I wouldn’t have secured the furniture with that company if I didn’t have coverage of my furniture in the first place because spending that amount of money and not having some kind of security there to cover the furniture was not at all what I had planned, in fact nights mattress would not have gotten the sale from me without a warranty to cover the furniture I would have purchased my furniture elsewhere. Nothing is made the way used to be nothing lasts more than a year anymore sometimes like in this case the beds where less than a year and that’s $1000 down the drain that I was promised wouldn’t happen if anything were to happen to my furniture within five years. That was the first incident and that was in 2015 well by February 2015 my couch had begun to have issues outside of normal wear and tear I do have children and they did actually puncture holes in the couch cushions and also the back of the couch was getting torn up because of where was placed in the house anyways I filed the claim then almost a year later after we moved I had a baby my husband had surgery, my son had surgery so we I didn’t stay on them right away, I had contacted them because they had never contacted me back like they should about my claim to get my couch fixed and this continue to go on back-and-forth back-and-forth and almost 2 years later and 2017 I was finally able to get a repair man out and fix my couch I had actually contact the retailer because montage wouldn’t call them, lack of effort not policy, they just emailed them the retailer did not update their email address and the emails are being sent to an old address to authorize the replacement furniture so my couch could be fixed so the entire time I was dealing with these two companies they were communicating so it was a disaster And then to top it off the couch was discontinued at that point and I could not have my ottoman replaced even though it was broken and it was part of a set I could not have it replaced Or tufted because there was no service available in my area to do that sort of repairso they offered me my money back on the warranty and that was all they offered me back now I wasn’t satisfied with the couch in fact after the repair man came out and fixed it he just made it worse than it was to begin with because now there were staples sticking out of it, there were harmful to my children not just me and it wasn’t just the back of the couch, It was also the front where he stapled it so nobody can put their feet or ankles down without getting stabbed, and repairing it is absolutely no good sense now the cushions all sunk in because the couch is seven years old and you’re putting new backing on a new Toponce of coarse it’s not going to match the questions and then Ottoman is torn apart so really overall it was the worst coverage I’ve ever had ever purchased and I would never ever recommend them or purchase from them again and they never gave me my money back for the warranty to cover the loss of the Ottoman by the way yeah they said I had 30 days to respond to you with the $199 or 179 I believe and I had told the lady on the phone that I would talk this over with my husband because at this point we were unsatisfied with everything we had to go over the contract to see what we legitimately purchased and if they were in the right legally with our contract because as far as I was concerned I was not satisfied and that was part of the agreement hundred % satisfaction guarantee or they would replace it with the same model or something similar if it was out of stock that was my understanding up when purchasing this so then hurricane Irma head and because we were affected by that and had to evacuate calling them back within the 30 days was the furthest thing from my mind and after things have settled down we were able to move because we couldn’t make repairs to a rental that we lived in the landlord was the one who supposed to do that and didn’t do it so anyways we had to move and finally I was able to sit down and call the people back and they just told me to shove it basically and said I wasn’t getting a dime back and they were so rude and so ignorant . I had to literally fight to get my couch repaired under the warranty and it took nearly 2 years to get someone out just to spit in my face is how I feel on the very end I just put in so much effort so much time to make this work and to not be a nightmare because that’s what everyone’s told me my whole life with warranties and I was so determined to make sure that that didn’t happen and that I was on top of whatever warranty I bought and after that I just can’t seem to shake what they’ve done it doesn’t feel like it’s right and I feel like there needs to be a change in the insurance industry and the warranty coverage industry get rid of the gray area make a black and white real simple for people and stop playing games with customers and ruining our trust and confidence in products.

There has got to be something I can do it just seems so unfair I know life‘s unfair I’m used to things happening that are pretty much out of my control but this right here just it’s not it’s not right I don’t feel like any part of this process was just from the very beginning from the time I purchased my furniture to the end result, I feel like I was scammed into buying the furniture and the warrantee to protect it and I feel like I was misled I was treated poorly the customer service was awful I just wish I knew what to do and I’m gonna start here and I’m just gonna keep on pursuing until something happens I guess hopefully somebody will know better what to do in the situation or what my rights are legally. We’re talking about $5000 worth of furniture that I didn’t get what was promised on I didn’t get the full replacement value back or the product to be guaranteed to be covered back either.

I hope this helps others and keeps them safe with a more secure investment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Montage Furniture Services Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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